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The Carolina Exteriors Digital Experience

When convenience and safety are important, we have you covered with the Carolina Exterior digital experience.

Carolina Exteriors + Hover: A winning exterior remodel design combination

With new advances in technology, Carolina Exteriors Plus can help you use your own mobile device to get a realistic idea of what your home will look like after a siding, roofing, or replacement window project. Using Hover, an industry-leading tool, you can design your home’s new exterior down to the tiniest detail, generate an actual 3D rendering of your home with real measurements, and have the professionals at Carolina Exteriors Plus make it a reality.



With Hover in your tool belt, you’ll be able to see your dream home turn into reality right in front of your eyes!

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Wondering how simple the process is? Hear from our customers about their Digital Experiences!

“Digital Experience and app was a smooth process. Very helpful.” -Ryan, Cary, NC


“Very easy to use, in-app tutorial was very helpful. 5-10 minute turn around time.” -Rajesh, Morrisville, NC


“Hover was much easier than I thought, very easy to use.” -HsiWen, Cary, NC


“Hover App worked great, the tutorial helped with taking photos.” -Denise, Cary, NC


“Hover App was easy to use, very beneficial to see colors.” -Myra, Durham, NC

Cutting edge technology allows you to see your finished project before you ever sign a contract

Use your phone to visualize your next home improvement project.

It’s never been easier to design your home’s new exterior. Simply use the unique link we send to your email to download a free app and take photos of your home and you’ll get a 3D model rendering that will allow you to experiment with different siding types and colors. Additionally, the app will use real data about your home – like your square footage – so that you can get a realistic price estimate for your project.


Use the app to dream up what you want, then let Carolina Exteriors Plus turn it into a reality. Watch the video to the right and scroll down this page to learn more.

Ready to get started?

Follow the steps below to begin your Carolina Exteriors Plus Digital Experience.

1. Contact Carolina Exteriors to Receive Your Unique Email to Download the Hover App

Once you fill out the form, we will send you an email with a unique link to click that will direct you to download the app. This way, you’ll be able to choose from our specific products and get more accurate pricing. PRO TIP: make sure to download the app on the device where we send the invitation link.

2. Take Photos of Your Home’s Exterior

The Hover app will guide you through which photos to take and use them to develop a 3D version of your home, with accurate exterior measurements. This will ensure that you are able to visualize what different design features will actually look like on your home.

3. Start Trying Out Various Products & Colors

Now comes the fun part! Use the app to see what different types of roofing, siding, etc. will look like on your home. Feel free to experiment with different color ideas to create YOUR dream project.

4. Virtual Project Discovery Call

On the scheduled day/time of your Virtual Project Discovery Call via Zoom, your Design Consultant with discuss your specific needs and wants, timelines, expectations, etc. We will review your Critical Measurement Report, look at the 3-D model of your home, including colors and we can use what you have created to ensure we are on the same page for your project, including budget, etc. By using Hover, you’ll know exactly what to expect in terms of design and budget. Now, all you have to do is sit back and let us get to work!

5. Design Plan Creation and Review

Based on your preliminary discovery call, we will prepare a detailed Design Plan, including scope of work, products, options, etc. Our Design Consultant will then contact you to schedule your video conference to review your personalized Design Plan and pricing – all from the comfort of your own home!

Why use a digital app for your home improvement project?

Here are just a few of the benefits of using Hover for your Carolina Exteriors project.


The Hover app boasts a 95% measurement accuracy rate, which means that after simply taking a few photos from your phone, you’ll have accurate measurements within minutes. By downloading the app from our link, you’ll also have access to our products, colors, and pricing, so you’ll know exactly what to expect during your project.


Using the Hover app ensures that you will be on the same page with the Carolina Exteriors Plus team from day 1, all the way through the end of your project. It will show us exactly what you want and give you accurate pricing before we ever have our first in-person meeting. This method of clear communication will help us work more efficiently and make sure all of your expectations are met. It can even be helpful in the event you need to file an insurance claim down the road.


This digital experience gives you the ability to see what product samples will look like on your home from the comfort of your own living room, right in the palm of your hand. Gone are the days of spending your precious time talking to contractors and visiting showrooms. All you have to do is use your phone!

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