Mikhael Gutters

Seamless gutters make up approximately 80% of all rain gutters installed in America and are made to size, onsite at your house – ensuring a perfect fit to your home’s eaves and protecting your most valuable asset – your home! Gutters and downspouts are installed to prevent the damaging effects water can have on your property. If you think your current guttering system is not performing, you have clogged downspouts or you do not currently have gutters, contact Carolina Exteriors today to learn more about the benefits of a properly designed and installed gutter system. Carolina Exteriors offers both 5” and 6” aluminum open k-style seamless gutters installed using a hidden hanger system as opposed to older style spike and ferrule systems; and come standard with oversized 3×4 downspouts to provide better water management. Our seamless gutters are formed onsite from a continuous roll of aluminum, custom cut to guarantee a perfect fit with no seams or joints – and available in a variety of colors to enhance the design of your home and almost all exterior siding and trim colors can be matched.

Why Seamless Gutters? A customized gutter and leaf protection system:

  • Protects a roof’s edge from fascia rot and water damage
  • Helps prevent wall stains on siding, masonry, walkways, etc. from roof splash-over and prevents erosion
  • Helps move rain water away from your homes foundation to prevent structural damage
  • Helps prevent wet basements walls and floors
  • Reduces standing water that can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects
  • Reduces water saturations to protect your shrubs and landscaping
  • Adds curb appeal to your home